Vápnum sínum skal-a maðr velli á feti ganga framar
Randas bæron manna menio; micel angetrum eode unforht

Hey Ho Hey – wind and waves lead the way
Straight ahead, into the horizon
Hey Ho Hey – fame and treasure close at hand
Leave the bay, let wind command the way

A double-edged sword, a coat and some mead
A voyage to lands far away
A crew full of pride on a glorious ship
We’re sailing – ship ahoi

We live without fear full of courage and strength
All for one, against all odds
Full of loyalty and fame we face our fate
And our hearts beat as one

When the last sun has set we’ll be drifting away
A burning ship on the sea
The chants of our deeds will sound to Valhall
Oh how glorious this would be

Cast off! – Adventure’s calling
Hey – Ho – Hey

© Sympheria