Symphonic Story-Metælling

Upcoming concerts

There are no planned shows at the moment.


Past concerts

Jun 09MarburgKnubbel
on stage with The Wolfwalk Experience and Idiocracy Project
Jun 24DarmstadtFemale Fronted Metal Night, Goldene Krone
on stage with Revolution Eve and DüsterLust
Jul 15BacharachBacharock, Posthof
on stage with Awaiting Dawn and Artists of the Audience
Aug 26FrankfurtMuseumsuferfest, radio x Bühne
Sep 10MichelstadtDüsterLust CD-Release-Party, Unterholz
on stage with DüsterLust and Soulslide
Sep 16OberurselNewcomerTV Nacht, Musikhalle Portstrasse
Sep 24MarburgBremsspur
Oct 01WürzburgAeon Of Senses, B-Hof Liveclub
on stage with Oversense and Conclusion of an Age
Oct 22HertenFemale Fronted Rock Night, JUZ Nord
on stage with Diversity of Darkness and Rocket Row
Dec 23Bad NauheimWeltuntergangsfeier, Alte Feuerwache
on stage with Conspiria and Obscurity

Jan 28SchweinfurtMidwinter Metal Night, Jugendhaus „FränZ“
on stage with Falling From Grace and Narrator
Feb 04WuppertalUnderground
on stage with Diversity of Darkness and Seeking Raven
Feb 11LampertheimSymphonic Metal Night, Zum Neckartal
on stage with Conspiria