A feastful apocalypse
December 24, 2016

Well, wasn’t that an outstanding conclusion to 2016 at yesterday’s doomsday party at Bad Nau­heim? A nice host, awesome bands and a fantastic audience. Pictures will be available soon here and on facebook. Until then we wish you some peaceful holidays and a happy new year. We’d also like to give our thanks especially to those who accompanied and supported us on our journey to discover new tales and stories throughout 2016. We’re thrilled to see who and what awaits us in 2017…

Aeon of Senses
September 26, 2016

On our journey we dive into an age of spirit.

Sympheria @ B-Hof Würzburg

When Conclusion of an Age mean to end an era, this means that new stories are born. We, Sympheria, lift them up into transcendental spheres – to Oversense.

For some it may be an evening, for others an Aeon Of Senses.

On the Main riverside…
August 30, 2016

20160826_Sympheria_Museumsuferfest_JoeRe_10…we landed and narrated our stories at the Museums­uferfest ahead of the Frankfurt Skyline. Pictures from the concert are as usual to be found in the gallery. Thanks to all who lingered and stayed awhile, thanks for the incredible feedback and – of course – thanks to the organizer Virus Musik Radio, who again invited us to play at the NewcomerTV Night on September 16 in Oberursel, where our journey will proceed after the concert on September 10 in Michelstadt.



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