• About Sympheria

    Symphonic Metal Band Sympheria

    Picture: Hanna Hatscher

    There are worlds who dare to bear waters – dark and deep. Long extinct stories that were lurking down there are now to be upheaved by Sympheria. Reborn with a new forged life and kindled by a new flame they come closer – as if one could feel their fire. And the stars in the distance are serenely playing a symphony.

    Sympheria – companions who travel into the depth. To those unreal places of contrasts where stories are re-ignited in the guise of music. A music that is there, where the burden of truth and the freedom of imagination, past and present, hope and fear do meet. A music that is there, where stories are condemned to keep silence; where language withholds.  A music that paints, shouts, cries.  It triumphs, pleads, it is strong. Always. Music never remains silent nor does Sympheria.

  • Sympheria Bandmember Andreas

    Picture: Hanna Hatscher

    Andreas (Drums)

    We companions keep pace with him – he shows us the way. His rhythm is the heartbeat of every story and every stroke forges a new scenery. One movement causes the next – and that with utmost precision. He defines the quality of the path for which we wander together. His hunt begins where the secrets lie.

    He was led to Symphonic Metal by

    Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Hammerfall, After Forever, Metallica, Rhapsody, Queen, Vivaldi

    His Metal Gear for the journey with Sympheria

    TAMA Starclassic Maple Drum Set, Yamaha Double Base Pedals, Pearl Hardware, Zildjian, Sabian & Paiste Cymbals, Vision Ears InEar Monitoring, a pair of worn out drum sticks and plenty of technic stuff

  • Sympheria Bandmember Chris

    Picture: Hanna Hatscher

    Chris (Bass)

    Concentiously he shows us companions which deep abysses every taken step could cause. He serves the destiny allegiantly to search for stories. With strong, dark shades he paves our rough way. The grounding poured by him possesses the strength to carry the burdens of the stories and fulfils them with pulsating energy.

    He was led to Symphonic Metal by

    Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Angel Dust, Hammerfall, Savatage, Edguy, Man-O-War, Rhapsody

    His Metal Gear for the journey with Sympheria

    G&L L-2500, Marshall MB450H, Shure InEar Monitoring

  • Sympheria Bandmember Fabian

    Picture: Hanna Hatscher

    Fabian (Guitar, Vocals)

    It seems like a bond of harmonies by which he holds us companions together – no-one enters the shades, nobody leaves the light. He strengthens the forces of us all and is the connection between rhythmical ground and sonorous melodies. Thus, we companions stand equally in cohesion of the unchained energy to those stories from the deep.

    He was led to Symphonic Metal by

    Opeth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Metallica, Haken, Arch Enemy, Jeff Loomis, In Flames

    His Metal Gear for the journey with Sympheria

    Ibanez Prestige RG 1527, Engl Screamer 50, Shure InEar Monitoring

  • Sympheria Bandmember Roxana

    Picture: Hanna Hatscher

    Roxana (Vocals, Piano)

    She illuminates the path we walk with vibrant light. In herself, she carries the tidings and spreads them with the most intimate sound of all worlds – the human voice. She forms its very own character for every story and makes every encounter a magic moment in which one longs to return over and over again.

    She was led to Symphonic Metal by

    Tori Amos, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Wagner, Igor Stravinsky, Tchaikowsky

    Her Metal Gear for the journey with Sympheria

    Shure SM58, Vision Ears InEar Monitoring, Yamaha MOX8